Claim Management

Since we are committed to the success of our client, we give top most priority to our clients` satisfaction and provide them peace of mind transactions with best services. We have successfully established a proper claim management system at GFM which requires a series of steps to be followed in case of any claim generations. This system ensures smooth handling of claims and helps us in building trust and reliability with our trade partners.

Most Stressed Policies that Prevent Any Claim Generation

  • Assurance of best Quality
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • On Time Delivery
  • Provide an enjoyable trading Platform where our Business Partners experience fastest and secured Network.

Reasons for Claim Generation

  • Claims are generated in the below mentioned cases
  • Short Weight
  • under Size
  • Any port demurrage cause by delay documents from our side
  • Bad Quality issues.


GFM believes in transparent business where customers are always kept informed and updated during the whole process of transaction via emails, fax, telephone call or personal meeting if required. Secret of our success

  • Issuance of certificate for the guarantee of refund in case of any complains.
  • Instant claim adjustment and payback guarantees.
  • GFM Group’s personnel involvement at all levels of dispute.

We give guarantee that Global Food Marketing Group is 100% responsible for the following issues:

  • Short Weight
  • under Size
  • Any port demurrage cause by delay documents from our side
  • Bad Quality issues.




  • At GFM we have created and maintained a proper Claim Management Committee which evaluate the claims and set appropriate strategy to resolve it after coordinating it with all committee members. It also sets allocation of responsibilities and does all other things necessary for the Management of Claim.
  • Members of the Claim Management Committee are Director Operation, Director Logistic, Director Sales, Director Export, CFO and Legal & Regulatory Director. This Committee meets on monthly basis or as often as necessary.


  • This Committee reviews the findings related to the Claim and then determine & formulate strategy to resolve the claim based on the strength of the internal & external reviews, quality of documentation and on damage assessment. This Committee establishes as indemnity and legal expense reserve for the claim handling & resolution.
  • As per the nature of trade, shipment claim might occur due to poor quality and short quantity, whereas GFM takes 100% responsibility to resolve any claim that might appears with the mutual consent of both the parties to keep and maintain strong, reliable and long term business relationship with the partners in trade.


To manage and keep proper records of such claims GFM Group has delegated the responsibilities to its Claim Management Committee to monitors and manages the shipment claims on the valid ground under the following procedures.

  • GFM Group is only liable to the claims that appear due to the situations mentioned before.
  • The claims can only be valid for one week prior to the release of the shipment by the customer.
  • Investigation of claim through immediate survey of the spoil or by any other means.
  • Once claim is investigated and found valid, then the bargaining process take place through proper and up to date communications for the negotiation of the claim meanwhile the same claim is reported to the supplying party.
  • After the parties agreed to the mutual consequence of the claim.
  • The further settlement will be proceeding either in terms of future shipments or the immediate/partial payment basis.
  • The complete claim then thoroughly managed and monitor by the Claim Management Committee until it will finally settled.
  • Once the final settlement of the claim is made, then the complete record along with the communications will be stored and kept by the export department which is routinely supervised by the Claim Management Committee.


Daily Production Report

At GFM, we provide a Daily Production Report to our clients which is made on the criteria mentioned in the sample report`s images. This report is made to meet the GSM`s standard criteria in which grading and sizing of product take place.


At GFM, inspection is carried out at three stages which includes

Fresh & Frozen Product Inspection

Fresh & Frozen Product Inspection is more related to Production Report and in this inspection Sensory & Physical Examination takes place.

Sensory & Physical Examination

  • Appearance, tightness and inner surface condition
  • Count & Size
  • Defects
  • Foreign Materials
  • Net Mass & Components part relationship
  • Sensory Analysis (Odor, Flavor, Color, Texture)
  • Temperature
  • Weight (Gross, Net & Thawed)

Before Loading Inspection

Frozen products are inspected before loading, below mentioned Document is a part of our “Inspection before Loading Report” that we provide to our clients. By providing this document we give assurance to our clients that the product herein has properly been inspected on the criteria mentioned below by the Internal and External Inspection Teams/ SGS and we are satisfied with the quality and quantity. After getting approval from the respected authorities the cargo is than loaded and finally shipped.

Criteria on which product is inspected

  • Grade/Size
  • Packing
  • Frozen Weight
  • Thawed Weight
  • Quantity of pieces per kg
  • Total pieces per Block
  • Appearance
  • Odor
  • Color
  • Discoloration
  • Broken Pieces
  • Skin raptured per piece
  • Head Detached
  • Broken
  • Flabby
  • Texture

During Loading Inspection

During Loading Inspection is carried out at the time of Final Loading of the product to the Customer. During this inspection following things are usually inspected

  • TEMPERATURE, whether the temperature of the product is as per our standard requirement.
  • CARTONS , Physical Examination of the cartons is carried out in which the physical condition of cartons is inspected i.e. carton are good condition and there is no wear and tear in them.
  • CONTAINER , the whole container is also inspected in term of its cleanliness and physical condition
  • BLOCK IN CARTONS , during loading inspection blocks inside the cartons are also inspected to idebtify & cross check the size and packing etc.
  • PHOTO , photos are also taken during this inspection and then maintained in records to justify and also sent to the clients.

Feedback Form

Suggestions Request is a type of Feedback form that we send to our clients along with the Shipping Documents so that, our clients can provide us any of their suggestions and comments in term of writing related to our services, products and documents. Since our clients` satisfaction is given top most priority and we believe in continuous improvement this feedback form is given special importance and immediate measures are also taken after receiving it.

Corrective Measures

GFM group policy provides the procedure to reduce the causes of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence. Following corrective actions are taken to encounter any nonconformity.

  • Customers` complaints & conformities are reviewed consistently.
  • Investigations are made to identify the causes of such nonconformities.
  • Serious action are taken to avoid and repetition of such nonconformities, and ensures that it may resolve on priority basis.
  • Keep the records of the actions implemented to eliminate such nonconformities and review the effectiveness for the action implemented.

Preventive Measures

GFM Group policy provides the procedure to reduce the causes of nonconformities in order to prevent their occurrence. Following preventive actions are taken to encounter any nonconformity.

  • Identify any nonconformity and also the causes of such nonconformities.
  • Preventive Action Plan is made and implemented in order to eliminate nonconformities that may arise and ensures that proper measures are taken for controlling the resources of such nonconformities.
  • Actions implemented to eliminate such nonconformities are recorded and the effectiveness for the action implemented is also reviewed.