Broker & Traders

We are committed to increase selling and buying in food industry across the world therefore, we engage our self with traders and brokers as a team. We provide them an opportunity to work on client to client basis with handsome commission as per their signed interim or yearly contract due to which they successfully meet our Finished Goods` and Raw Materials` requirements.


  • Global Food Marketing Group of Companies exists in multiple localities in the world and its objective it to work in an efficient & independent manner which ultimately results in mutual benefits.
  • It has wide range of raw material resources around the world and its numerous resources using raw material for canning, reprocessing and distribution.
  • It share its procurement & selling strategy with traders and brokers and also share market information for mutual interest while maintaining mutual confidentiality for existing and target projects.
  • GFM group of companies form partnerships with traders and broker which results monthly sale and procurement targets fulfillment whereas it also provide a handsome share to its partners.
  • GFM group provides consultancies in import/export documentation, UCP rules & different trade policies.
  • Facilitation is also provided in term of financial assistance in different project and marketing support in finalizing yearly & interim contracts.
  • GFM Group of Companies actively participates in International tenders and also provides disaster management solutions in different areas.


  • GFM Group of Companies invest its major capital in Fishing Vessel, Farm houses, Slaughter houses, freezing plants.
  • The major operational areas of GFM Group of companies are Retail Processors, Canning Packers, End Consumer markets like Armed Forces, Super Markets, and Catering & Airlines.


  • Global Food Marketing Group of Companies follows internationally recognized processing approach and provides consultation in term of survey of processing plant as per EU/HACCP standards.
  • It conducts work shop for internationally acclaimed processing and also conducts audits.


  • GFM Group of companies provides fully insured cargo to its clients as per their requirement and gives 100% guarantee to its clients that it will adjust any claim if occur, due to short weight, under size, any port demurrage caused by delay in documents from our side and bad quality.
  • Get the SGS inspection done in loading & off loading and this is always done under the supervision of its team of Manager.
  • It provides inspection certificate and quality and quantity loading reports and provides a very convenient mode of payment while involving international banks.


GFM Group of Companies directly handles following Import/Export documents

  • Clearing Forwarding
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Health Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin

Whereas its Indirectly handles following Import/ Export Documents

  • Provides consultancy in making shipping documents
  • Acquire consultancy in HACCP (Regulation & Safety Issues) and consultancy in EU.
  • Inform related UCP – Rules & Regulations
  • Save discrepancy charges


  • GFM facilitates its clients by giving details and information about new markets, helps in identifying clients for purchase and in sale of products.
  • Provide marketing plan based on Price, Packaging, and Placement & Product.


  • GFM Group of Companies always stayed updated with the latest processing, packaging and catching standards.
  • It shares its Knowledge with its clients like about aqua products utilization in different regions, different companies’ nature of business and the latest technologies and methods of relevant business.


It provides following details about the products

  • Name
  • Scientific Name
  • Specification in relation to utilization criteria
  • Products` photographs
  • Season or Catching areas of the products
  • Landing & Catching Reports


GFM Group of Companies follows the following criteria for its contract with its clients

  • Ad Hoc
  • Annual basis
  • Permanent Partnership on shareholding grounds.


  • It provides forecasting and budgeting for consignments in the respective territory and job order costing on individual project.
  • Assists its clients in acquiring finance and always transfer payment on consignment basis on time.
  • GFM provides knowledge for up to date laws on UCP regulations.


  • Accountable for deliberate manipulation or mishandling
  • Gives assurance of smooth execution
  • International contacts with Ministries of Food & Agricultural across the world.
  • GFM`s Business Leadership has been proven by its Six Business Lines, that indicates its multi-dimensional approach.