Retail Processing/ Canning

We commit and sign term & seasonal contract to supply bulk quantities of raw material to retail processor and canning packers. We organize 100% safe ways of payments while keeping it a promise with our customer that they will not get any shortage of raw material for production through GFM`s reliable partnership.

Global Food Marketing Group of Companies executes two way partnerships which benefit its beneficiary through facilitation and it invest in creating back up stocks of raw material and it has its own packaging plant facility.

Wide range supply of Fish & Fishery products and of rare species has always been a distinguishing feature of GFM companies regardless of seasonal availability. Sourcing and catching at Global Seafood Marketing & World Tuna Trade is done from different coastal areas around the world. A complete assistance in term of equipment and technicality is always available to clients at GFM whereas, it guarantees continuous supply of bulk quantity of raw material, on time delivery and convenient mode of payment to its clients.

GFM Group of Companies ensures cost effective supply throughout the year and also assist its client in Retail processor/ Canning packer line with

  • Species identification
  • Causes and control of spoilage
  • Quality assessment
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Workstation preparation
  • Safe knife handling
  • Handling and packing technique
  • Testing