6th May, 2013

SEAFDEC Training Department in Thailand

Global Seafood Marketing has successfully played its role towards Environment Sustainability by co-hosting an event in conjunction with SEAFDEC Training Department in Thailand, with a focus on the “Impact of Fishing on the Environment and ICES/FAO WGFTFB”.

The key objective of this event was to foster new partnerships between scientist and technologist from the developed and developing economies and to draw upon the unique regional expertise available in SE Asia.

Three were the main Topics of Discussion and focus which are as follow

  • Low Impact and Fuel Efficient Fishing (LIFE)
  • Use of artificial light as a stimulus on fish behavior in fish capture (LIGHT)
  • Selectivity of trawl in multispecies and crustacean fisheries (SHRIMPS)

Below is the link to check for the details about the event